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Article: Is Taking CBD Oil Sublingually The Best Method To Follow? Do You Swallow CBD Oil?

Is Taking CBD Oil Sublingually The Best Method To Follow? Do You Swallow CBD Oil?

There is no doubt that many people are taking the route of cannabidiol to live a healthy life. CBD is one of the numerous cannabinoids available in the cannabis plant. There are other cannabinoids, like THC, that can lead to euphoria. However, CBD is non-intoxicating, which leads to its therapeutic uses. It comes in various forms, and the most famous one of all is CBD oil. CBD oil India has natural anti-inflammatory properties and can be helpful for mental health, heart health, anxiety relief, pain relief, anti-acne, etc. But it is essential to take the right strength of it, like CBD oil 500mg or CBD oil 1500mg.

What are the methods for taking CBD oil?

There are various ways of taking CBD oil; here they are mentioned:

Topically: This is an application method where you can apply CBD pain relief massage oil, creams, or lotions. This doesnโ€™t get easily absorbed by the skin but can offer some sort of relief or effect.

Orally: Another method is oral, which involves oral products like CBD edibles and CBD gummies. This leads to swallowing the product. CBD travels via the digestive system before getting absorbed into the bloodstream.

Sublingually: Last but not least is the sublingual method. This is a fast-acting method, as you ingest CBD oil sublingually. CBD oil is put under the tongue so that it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

What is the sublingual method of taking CBD oil?

Whether you call it the sublingual method of taking CBD oil or sublingual administration, it is a type of oral consumption. However, it is not similar to the oral method of consuming or swallowing it. The method refers to placing CBD oil under the tongue. The purpose of this method is to place the CBD oil close to capillaries, as they provide direct access into the bloodstream.

The digestive system is then bypassed because you hold CBD oil under the tongue for a few minutes. As per research, this method has higher bioavailability because the compounds are not broken down and are diluted via the digestive process.

Learn about the benefits of CBD oil under the tongue.

There are many benefits of CBD oil for the tongue, and a few of them are mentioned below:

Increased bioavailability: The sublingual method bypasses the metabolic process of human digestion and very little raw CBD gets lost. There is a term called Bioavailability that defines the amount of substance that any human body utilizes. This also depends on the method. Other than the sublingual method with higher bioavailability, inhalation can be the best.

Highly effective: Similar to increased bioavailability, bypassing the very slow digestion method means better and faster effects of CBD oil or tinctures taken sublingually. It takes only a few minutes to benefit the user as compared to oral consumption of CBD oil.

Easy to perform: You donโ€™t need to prepare the product, like hemp seed oil, or inhale CBD oil in smoke or vapor form, which makes the sublingual method easy. You need to place the drops under the tongue without swallowing them, and your body will do the rest.

How do I apply CBD oil under the tongue?

Most people ask, do you swallow CBD oil in a sublingual manner? The answer is no. The sublingual method of taking CBD oil is very specific yet incredibly simple. It is essential to keep in mind that CBD oil or tincture should be held under the tongue, as various areas of the mouth are known to have various types of cells. These different types of cells might not be absorptive enough for the proper diffusion of CBD oil into the bloodstream.

The CBD oil under the tongue method is going to remain the same, irrespective of the dosage or form. Also, there is no correct dosage or time to follow this method, as it varies from person to person and their condition. However, the higher dosage of CBD oil needs more time to diffuse into the human bloodstream.

How does CBD oil under the tongue work?

The body is known to absorb nutrients and compounds in various ways. Under the tongue, there are thin mucous membranes and capillaries. When the CBD oil or tincture is placed under it, the CBD oil sublingual drops get easily absorbed by the capillaries. It leads directly to the human bloodstream. However, hold the CBD oil under the tongue for a few minutes

Does CBD oil under the tongue need to be swallowed?

Many questions pop up, like what happens if you swallow CBD oil, can you swallow CBD oil, or do you swallow CBD oil after holding your tongue, etc. No wonder it can be confusing to understand, but opting for the sublingual method doesnโ€™t involve swallowing CBD oil. You need to wait a few minutes for the substance to diffuse via the surrounding tissue and into the human bloodstream. This is completely different from oral consumption.

If you accidentally swallow the substance or CBD oil, then there are no risks to your body. But it will be considered a swallow or oral method and not a sublingual method. In other words, CBD oil will be metabolized in the digestive system before the human body utilizes it, and this can decrease its bioavailability.

Is it effective to opt for the CBD oil sublingual method?

Taking CBD oil under the tongue is known to have the second-highest bioavailability rate, whereas other methods have lower CBD bioavailability. As per some research, CBD sublingual bioavailability is 13โ€“35 percent high. However, medical research to date confirms the increased absorption rate of CBD oil into the circulatory system via this method. Also, sublingual methods allow CBD to be absorbed faster as compared to consumption through various other methods.

How often should CBD oil under the tongue be taken?

Currently, there is very little information available about how much and how often CBD oil should be taken by a person. But as per many manufacturers, it can be taken once or twice a day. Also, it depends on the human condition, weight, lifestyle, other medication use, etc.

Know the best time to take CBD oil under the tongue?

The best time to take CBD oil under the tongue plays an important role as it can improve its effectiveness. Here are the details of taking CBD oil under the tongue:

Morning: Taking CBD oil under the tongue in the morning can reduce anxiety, increase productivity, improve sleep quality, improve circadian rhythm, etc.

Afternoon: This can be the best time for people dealing with pain or inflammation. It improves concentration levels.

Evening: Taking CBD oil under the tongue in the evening can benefit you during the night as it promotes relaxation and better sleep.

Factors influencing CBD oil timing: Many factors can influence taking CBD oil under the tongue, like lifestyle, health condition, and CBD oil concentration.


Taking CBD oil under the tongue can be the most effective way to lead your life. There are a lot of benefits of it and it involves a certain way of taking CBD oil under the tongue. The above-mentioned information related to it will clear all your doubts about it. Follow the guide religiously to avoid any confusion or making any mistakes.

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