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Pain Relief

Discover the soothing embrace of nature with Cannarma’s Pain Relief products. Each item in this category is a symphony of herbal essences, meticulously crafted to offer you the comfort and relief you seek. From the serene slopes of the Himalayas, our Hemp Pain Relief Balm is a testament to the healing power of hemp seed oil, enriched with a blend of therapeutic essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and cinnamon. This collection is not just a remedy; it’s a ritual of rejuvenation for headaches, arthritis, muscle, and joint pains. Embrace a life free from discomfort with Cannarma’s promise of purity and potency. 

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Save 20%Hemp Pain Relief Roll On (10ml)Hemp Pain Relief Roll On (10ml)
Hemp Pain Relief Roll On (10ml) Sale price₹ 199 Regular price₹ 249
On saleTrailokya Vijaya VatiTrailokya Vijaya Vati
Trailokya Vijaya Vati Sale priceFrom ₹ 149 Regular price₹ 199
Save 28%Hemp Pain Relief Balm (15g)Hemp Pain Relief Balm (15g)
Hemp Pain Relief Balm (15g) Sale price₹ 180 Regular price₹ 249
Save 8%Hemp Pain Relief Massage Oil (50ml)Hemp Pain Relief Massage Oil (50ml)
Hemp Pain Relief Massage Oil (50ml) Sale price₹ 369 Regular price₹ 399