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Article: 9 Health Benefits Of CBD To A Diabetic Patient

9 Health Benefits Of CBD To A Diabetic Patient

The lifestyle of people has changed over the past few decades and there is no doubt about it. The change in the standard of living, working, and eating has drastically affected their health condition as well. There are a lot of people who are now dealing with chronic conditions such as diabetes. This can be called a slow but deadly chronic issue that stays lifelong. However, people need to stabilize their blood sugar levels by taking certain medications daily. But with new advancements and research, there are a lot of questions popping up like does CBD help with diabetes or can CBD help with high blood sugar levels?

There are a lot of misconceptions related to CBD and diabetes. However, according to some research, it is seen that CBD can be beneficial in controlling blood sugar and reducing stress as well as anxiety. It has many other benefits as well which can help people with diabetes. There are also some studies that show can CBD can possibly be beneficial in preventing diabetes. To know about CBD and its related benefits for diabetic patients, keep reading.

What is CBD?

Before understanding the benefits of CBD for diabetic patients, it is better to broaden your horizons and grab the information about CBD first. CBD is known to be a natural compound that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. This is also the same plant from where THC or marijuana is taken. However, CBD is not similar to marijuana as it doesn’t make you feel high.

CBD is also taken out from hemp as well as cannabis. Hemp is known to be a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and its consumption won’t make you feel high. However, it does contain 0.3 percent of THC and is not considered illegal. People who have diabetes and are looking to use CBD can go for its different forms with THC less than 0.3 percent or THC-free CBD.

CBD or hemp is available in different forms like CBD or hemp pain oil for arthritis pain, joint pains, supplements, extracts, gummies, gels, lotions, bath salts, etc. Also, CBD oils or hemp oil are mostly labeled as full spectrum hemp extract oil which means they have health-friendly compounds and are not psychoactive.

The research being done on CBD

If you have questions like is CBD good for diabetes or not, then it is better to know about research done on it. CBD is highly famous for its numerous benefits. It essentially works with the endocannabinoid system which helps promote homeostasis in the body. Using CBD influences these receptors.

As per UCLA Health, this is involved in various processes like pain, memory, stress, metabolism, etc. Endocannabinoids are widespread signaling molecules and CBD can be beneficial to provide relief to chronic issues.

How does CBD oil work for diabetes?

There are always some questions like how does CBD help diabetes, etc. CBD is known to target the G-protein coupled receptors in the body as they are responsible for the functioning of the body. As per Doctor Chin, cannabinoids have the largest GPCR which is why CBD can affect insulin resistance. He also suggests that CBD should be used for the long term as it has a safe profile and offers cumulative effects. This can help massively for people who have diabetes. Plus, it can treat other core issues and can improve diabetes lifestyle management. Following a holistic regimen can allow patients to see CBD working in their favour.

Things to know before using CBD

No wonder people with questions like Does CBD help diabetes or Can CBD help with diabetes? It is undoubtedly lauded as a miracle drug but it does work differently for each person. This is the reason that people with diabetes should know a few things before using CBD:

Consult your doctor

It is always a smart move to have a small session with your doctor before taking CBD oil or CBD gummies for blood sugar control. CBD can sometimes interfere with your metabolism as well. So, additional knowledge is always better.

Research first

CBD is not always regulated which is why doing your own research is always the best idea. Try to buy CBD from a reputed seller or brand so that you remain safe in any which way.

Go for full-spectrum CBD

Whether you are buying CBD or hemp seed oil online India or offline, you should always go for full spectrum CB as it offers amazing benefits that can help you with inflammation as well as insulin resistance.

Try different dosage

Opting for CBD oil means you should give it a try with 2.5 – 20mg each day. Trying different dosages will help you understand what dosage you need to follow in order to see the benefits. Also, try with the lowest dosage as you can’t take it down later.

Health Benefits of using CBD being a diabetic patient

With every passing day, the research for CBD is growing and that is all because of its health benefits. It has a therapeutic effect on the human brain without any hallucinations that are related to cannabis. There are many people confused about whether can CBD help with high blood sugar or not. It does have health benefits being a diabetic patient.

So, if you are wondering about using CBD being a diabetic then here are some of the benefits it mentioned below:

CBD helps with obesity as well as insulin resistance

Type 2 diabetes is known to be a common type of diabetes and is closely related to a person being overweight. As per a medical review done in the year 2020, it was found that CBD has great potential that can easily affect numerous factors which are responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, as well as insulin resistance. It can be beneficial in reducing inflammation as well as glucose metabolism. Also, CBD in any form can reduce the symptoms of obesity and weight gain. This way half of the battle of diabetic patients is won by using CBD.

Helps control blood sugar levels

A person who is diabetic can understand the struggle to maintain blood sugar levels every day. It is not simple to keep check of blood sugar levels when most things don’t favor them. However the use of CBD oil or CBD gummies for blood sugar control can be beneficial. When CBD is combined with THC-based compound, it can help diabetic people to control their blood sugar levels. Also, as per a study done in the year 2016, CBD can help with decreased resistance as well as an increase in hormone which is responsible for the release of insulin. It is also beneficial in managing hormonal imbalances that help develop type 2 diabetes

Beneficial for nerve pain

Another benefit of CBD is that it can be beneficial for nerve pain. People wondering if is CBD good for diabetes or how does CBD help diabetes can face improvement in their nerve pains with the help of it. Diabetic neuropathy is a complication faced by many diabetic patients. It involves pain and burning sensation in the hands or feet. A study shows that CBD can be beneficial in increasing the development of nerves as well as nervous tissue. This can offer relief to diabetic patients from nerve pain, burning sensation, or any other sort of discomfort faced during nerve pain.

Offset anxiety as well as depression

A lot of people who are still getting to know CBD or have doubts about whether can CBD help with diabetes or does CBD help diabetes will be happy with its other benefits. CBD has a great ability to calm. A study done on 57 men with anxiety levels received different CBD doses. Some got 150ml, 300ml, or 600ml. The people who got 300ml of dose were able to see reduced anxiety whereas others were able to face more anxiety. It was seen that CBD had some effects that matched the antidepressant imipramine.

Helps to reduce PTSD symptoms

In a study done in the year 2018 with people PTSD were given CBD and they were able to see a decrease in their symptoms. However, doctors say that there is a certain amount of CBD which is needed by people having PTSD symptoms. Another study done included CBD and THC, both of them created an entourage effect that complemented their benefits as well as potency. Overall, CBD can be beneficial for people who have PTSD symptoms and want to see some positive change in them.

Effective with Opioid addiction

The clinical trials done on humans suggest that using CBD can be helpful in treating people who are highly dependent on opioids. The study shows that people who were using CBD saw a decline in their cue-induced cravings, less anxiety, as well as resting heart rate, etc. There were no other negative effects. Thus, people with opioid addiction and other issues like pain, insomnia, anxiety, etc. can go through an effective treatment involving CBD.

Beneficial against neurological disease

There are many studies done that show CBD has anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. These characteristics can help by offering neuroprotection as well as protection from pathological disorders. Also, there are some studies that show CBD can show some positive effects against Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral ischemia, as well as Parkinson’s disease. This can be a game-changing movement for people who have diabetes or neurological diseases.

CBD prevents arthritis symptoms

This problem is all about the deterioration of tissues in as well as around joints. There are different types of it and involves pain, loss of motion, as well as stiffness. A study done with CBD showed results where people with arthritis were able to experience a quality of sleep, less pain while moving, etc. There were many other studies done in different years which involved CBD and most of them showed positive effects of CBD as it can prevent arthritis symptoms in the long run.

Helps lighten ALS symptoms

This is an issue which causes nerve cells in the brain as well as spinal cord to deteriorate. This can result in loss of muscle control and get worse with time. However, there is no cure for it but FDA-approved medications can be helpful. Research done involving CBD and THC was able to experience satisfaction with the treatment. People with moderate to severe spasticity were able to experience high satisfaction as compared to people who have mild spasticity.

From where to buy CBD for diabetes?

Buying CBD from the right place can be beneficial in seeing its positive effects faster. There are many options available but getting it from an authentic and authorized seller will work in your favor. Cannarma is one of the best sources to get CBD products. Whether you are looking to buy hemp pain relief balm or CBD oil for migraines, Cannarma can help you with it. They have everything available under one roof which can ease your task of getting CBD products. Also, the prices of each product won’t make a hole in your pocket. Plus, they offer consultation offer where you can get in touch with a doctor to understand your CBD needs. Cannarma has extract oil products, CBD face care products, nutritional products, and a lot more.


Over the years CBD has become the talk of the town because of its long list of benefits. There are a lot of people especially diabetic patients who want to include it in their regime. But they have questions like does CBD help with diabetes, etc. The above-mentioned information about CBD will help diabetic patients to know about it in detail. Also, the benefits of CBD for diabetic patients and people facing other health issues will help you to know which path to follow and how to get rid of pains and improve your lifestyle. However, it is essential to get consult with a doctor before involving CBD in your daily life.

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