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The Sacred Journey of the Miracle Plant

Cannabis is a plant that commonly stands out for its remarkable odyssey when it comes
to rituals that have been affected by the world of ancient mythology. The history of the
green-leafed shrub that grows on the Himalayan slopes is rooted in the legends
surrounding the powerful heavenly being Shiva. Shiva and cannabis have such a strong
relationship that the plant has come to represent the god. In several ceremonies from all
around the world, cannabis is typically consumed. It has always been a part of
numerous religious and spiritual endeavors.

The Samudra Manthan, also known as the churning of the oceans, is the moment when
this ancient plant’s tale begins. A popularly known mythology states that the gods were
churning the cosmic oceans to get Amrit, the elixir of immortality. The poison ‘Halahala’
was a by-product of this churning. The venom was an extremely potent poison, strong
enough to destroy all living creation. Shiva stepped in and drank the liquid, cleansing
the world of its evil effects, to stop this destruction. The poison colored his throat blue
while he was in immense pain, giving him the name Neelkanth. Shiva was presented
with a mixture made from crushed marijuana leaves to help him relax.


Samudra Manthan


There is a related mythology that describes how the extensive mixing of the oceans
caused a few drops of the elixir to fall to the earth. According to belief, the region where
the drops originated was endowed with magical properties that helped the Cannabis
plant take root and further enhance its heavenly character.

This story is how cannabis gained its reputation as a plant with medicinal qualities after
saving Shiva from Halahala. It was frequently employed to chill and soothe the body
because of its capacity to enhance brain function and lower inflammation. As a result,
eating foods containing cannabis is a common part of festival customs. One such
custom is the eating of bhaang or thandai, a cannabis-infused sweet milk beverage,
during holidays like Mahashivratri and Holi. They are provided as coolants for those
celebrating in the scorching heat of the sun.



Lord Shiva Preparing Bhang


Cannabis has overcome the barriers and established itself as an essential component
of ancient Indian activities and rituals due to a variety of life-altering advantages. Its
abilities to be a really divine plant are further strengthened by the many mentions in
Ayurveda. The potential to benefit from this traditional herb are nearly endless when
compared with the benefits of contemporary medicine.