The Missing Link: Why Hemp Is Under the Indian People’s Radar


Despite being a versatile and sustainable crop, hemp and hemp products are still not familiar among Indian people. This article will look at the reasons why hemp has not received much attention in India and highlight the telling properties of this remarkable plant.

Cultural and Historical Disconnect:

Ganja, once deeply rooted in Indian culture and tradition, has gradually become just an intoxicating plant in people’s eyes over time. Historical practices and textual medicine related to the use of cannabis is a pale post. Due to which a cultural and historical connection has been broken. To revive the understanding and relevance of cannabis, the Cannarama team is creating awareness among people about it.

Limited exposure and education:

The lack of exposure and educational initiatives about cannabis is making it a crime in India, people are using it for bad things. Most of India’s population knows very little about the benefits, uses and potential of cannabis, due to which we know less about its benefits. Increasing educational campaigns and better understanding of cannabis products among people can lead to socialisation among people.

Regulatory Ambiguity:

Due to vague regulations and legal ambiguity about cannabis, Indians show little interest in it. The association of cannabis with marijuana gives cannabis a bad name and people tend to shy away from it. To clarify the legal framework and to differentiate cannabis from marijuana or to tell people that these two are different and explain it simply.

Limited availability of hemp products:

There are very few hemp-derived products in the Indian market and India’s law does not allow it to be advertised, making people less aware of it. We end up making fewer products for clothing, food products, cosmetics and other goods made from hemp because consumers experience less of the benefits. The availability of hemp products can increase its awareness.

Lack of Government Support:

She prefers to talk about what keeps herself away from government support and initiatives focused on promoting cannabis. Policies, incentives, and research funds related to the cultivation, processing, and use of cannabis prevent public awareness. Encouraging government involvement and support can maximise the potential of cannabis in India and create a positive image for it.


Low awareness of cannabis among the Indian population is attributed to cultural and historical isolation, limited exposure and education, regulatory ambiguity, limited availability of cannabis products, and lack of government support. To bridge the awareness gap, concerted efforts are needed to revive cultural ties, enhance educational campaigns, clarify regulations, expand product availability and seek government support. Rohit Chauhan and Keshav Agarwal has been making a lot of efforts so that people come to know about cannabis and learn to use it.