How to use kumkumadi oil?

Kumkumadi Oil, a cherished Ayurvedic beauty oil, has been used for centuries for its skin care benefits. This luxurious oil made from a blend of rare and potent herbs gives a glowing complexion. Whether you want to even out your skin tone, reduce blemishes, or deeply nourish your skin, Kumkumadi oil plays an important role in your skin routine. In this guide, we will explore the different ways to use kumkumadi oil for skin effectively.

Wash or cleanse your face thoroughly before applying kumkumadi oil.

Before applying kumkumadi oil, clean your face with a mild facial cleanser or face wash. Because it will remove dirt, excess oil and impurities from your skin, allowing the kumkumadi oil to penetrate better and work more effectively. Pre-cleansing your face allows the oil to be applied to clean and fresh skin, giving you a more radiant glow. Before applying the oil, wash your face with lukewarm water and use a cleanser suitable for your skin type. After applying the oil, pat your skin dry gently with a clean towel.

Take a few drops of kumkumadi oil on your palm.

Take a few drops of Uttam Kumkumadi Oil gently and pour it gently on the palm of your hand. Its transformative power will make you feel dreamy as soon as you apply it on your face, which will enhance your inner glow. When your palm squeezes the oil, a sacred connection is formed between you and the gift of nature. It will fascinate you for its fragrance and rejuvenation of your skin.

To moisturise the skin and prevent chapping, apply a few drops of oil on your lips.

Gently, apply a few drops of Kumkumadi Oil to your lips, allowing it to seep into the delicate crevices, it heals dryness and rejuvenates your lips with renewed softness. The innate properties of the oil work their magic on you, restoring your lips to their natural, luscious state. Kumkumadi Oil delivers on its promise of moisture and protection, leaving your lips silky smooth and moisturised.

Apply kumkumadi oil as a primer before applying makeup.

Before beautifying your face, apply kumkumadi oil on your face as a primer. This will give it new shine. As the oil settles onto your skin, it creates a harmonising foundation, blurring imperfections and blurring the lines between artistry and authenticity. Kumkumadi oil witnesses the transforming power as it softens your skin, which increases the longevity and vibrancy of your makeup,

Add a few drops of the oil to your moisturiser for enhanced hydration.

Unveiling the alchemy of hydration, apply a few drops of Kumkumadi oil mixed with your moisturiser and apply on your face as they will interact and create a synergy. Get a new level of replenishment. The delicate botanicals and precious extracts of the oil infuse your moisturiser, turning it into a sublime that amplifies the benefits of both.

Massage your face with Kumkumadi oil for relaxation and benefits.

Add kumkumadi oil to your facial massage. Feel the silky texture of the oil as it lifts your complexion, awakens your senses and creates a harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. With each stroke, let the rhythmic motion of your massage melt away the tension from your tired face.

Apply oil on your neck to keep the skin tone even.

Start applying kumkumadi oil on your neck and décolletage for beauty. Apply your hands on your décolletage, due to which the colour of your hands will also become like your face in a few days.

You can also use Kumkumadi oil in the treatment of acne scars.

Also use Kumkumadi Oil’s healing properties to reduce acne scars, unveiling a complexion that is resilient and renewed. Put a small amount of kumkumadi oil on your fingertips and direct it to the marks that want healing. Massage the oil gently on the skin, allowing it to penetrate deep within the layers, feel the warmth of the oil and it will slowly go away over a few days.

For best results, let the oil sit overnight.

As the day draws to a close and you retreat into the cosy embrace of sleep, leave it on your skin overnight for optimal results and a truly indulgent experience, which will reap you the best results. To get the full benefits of kumkumadi oil, gently cleanse your face and pat it dry with care. The oil is at its best when you sleep, channelling your skin to its full potential. Nightly application of kumkumadi oil gives you a complexion that glows.


Kumkumadi oil offers a number of benefits for achieving a fair complexion. With a blend of potent herbs and natural ingredients, whether you use it topically on the face, as a spot treatment or with your moisturiser, Kumkumadi Oil will nourish, rejuvenate and enhance the health of your skin. You can make a beautiful face by including kumkumadi oil in your skincare routine and following the tips for use.